Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Two South Alabama Gas workers at a natural gas field location.

South Alabama Gas has been safely serving the citizens of Choctaw, Conecuh, Monroe and Escambia counties for over 55 years.

It's not good enough that we know there is an odor in our natural gas. It is important to know exactly how much odor is added to the gas stream. Why? Natural gas is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic gas. We add odor just so you can smell a gas leak.

To make sure the odor level is just right, we test our gas stream at locations all around our gas system every 90 days. We do not just sniff the gas with our noses, we analyze the gas with an odometer. Odometers are very accurate gas detectors that actually measure gas in very small amounts.

Your nose tells you there is a gas leak, the odometer tells us just how much gas is present. Since the lower flammable limit of natural gas is approximately 4% gas in air, it is vitally important that you can smell a leak long before that limit is reached.

So we sniff, we test, and we make sure that if you do have a gas leak you will know it. Safety, we not only practice it we smell it at South Alabama Gas.