Payment Options

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Auto Pay

For your convenience we offer auto-pay from your checking account. With our auto-pay you will still receive a monthly bill. Your monthly statement will show the amount to be drafted from your checking account along with the date the draft will be submitted to your bank. Setting up auto-pay is very simple. Fill out the auto-pay form (download it here) and send it in to our corporate office along with a voided copy of a check. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local South Alabama Gas office.

download autopay form

Budget Billing

If you prefer an average bill each month we offer budget billing. Budget billing is perfect for the customer who enjoys an average bill each month, no more high bills in the winter and low bills in the summer. In order to sign up for budget billing your account must have a zero balance and be in good standing. Fill out the form (download it here) and return to our corporate office.

download budget billing form

Online Payments

For the busy customer who is always on the go, check out our online payment option. With an online account you can access your account from anywhere, schedule payments, and set up auto-pay. To set up an online account, you will need the PIN number printed on your monthly statement along with your account number. From our website, click pay my bill, then follow the online instructions.

Click here to Pay Online


An easy way to cut out the paper clutter in your life is to sign up for our ebill option. Opting for an electronic version of your monthly statement will stop the paper copy from coming in the mail. Fill out the ebill form (download form from attachments here) and send it into our corporate office to get your ebill statements started today.

download ebill form

Phone Payment System

Our phone payment system is available to accept payments any time day or night. Call 844-546-8163 and follow the steps to process your payment.